"I had entrusted Aniruddha Ganguly with some very large & complex responsibilities in GMR during his 10 years in the Group (2009 – 2019). He led several Group functions with tremendous success – Group Strategy & ERM, Business Excellence, HR, Management Assurance & Audit, Ethics & Integrity, Facilities Management and Corporate Communications. He worked with me closely all these years and proved to be an institutional member with high level of integrity & honesty, with sharp focus on business outcome, upholding Group Values at all times. He earned our affection and respect for his highly effective leadership with human touch."

G M Rao, Founder and Group Chairman

GMR Group
"Aniruddha possess the most important skill a coach can have. He is a superb listener. We have all had the experience of speaking to someone and getting the strong sense that all they are doing is waiting to talk next. Aniruddha listened intensely to me in each of our sessions before reflecting back to me what he had heard. Active listening is not easy. It not only takes patience, it takes deep concentration and focus. As my coach, he then was able to test for clarification and provide feedback and suggestions that were specific to my situation. Aniruddha is well versed in theory and tools to help his clients move quickly towards their goals. I left each session energized and eager to move forward on the plans I had made for the next week. In Aniruddha you will find a coach who is not only talented, but incredibly kind."

Karin Bunnell, Ph. D.

Organization Development Consultant, California, United States
"Aniruddha Ganguly has a very progressive outlook and takes a long term, sustainable view of situations, people, relationships, business and life. I have worked closely with him for several years and admired his values and principled leadership in top management roles. A very seasoned professional, his versatile, deep and wide experience straddles business leadership, technology, HR, coaching and institution building. He brings very high standards to whatever he does or leads. An asset to any team, he is friendly, fair, persuasive and dependable. He will do a remarkable job as a leadership coach and senior advisor to corporate organisations and family business."

Prasad Kumar, GMR Group Holding Board member (retd)

Founder of Human Endeavour, Family Business Advisor
"Aniruddha is a great coach. Using his coaching skills, he was able to help me obtain key insights into my situations that proved invaluable. He was way to work with and helped me in my roars to self-discovery. He also could bring in additional resources and tools to help me. I recommend him in the highest terms possible."

John J McGowan Ph. D., Deputy Director

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Bethesda, Maryland, USA
"Aniruddha is a thoroughbred professional with a deep sense of fair play and conviction. I have known him for the past ten years and found him to display a flair for challenging and supporting talent. He took keen interest in the development of people and graduated himself to becoming an executive coach and strategic consultant. He recognises that coaching is a creative process wherein the client is encouraged to seek an uplifting experience both personally and professionally. He is highly ethical. He has the capacity to establish connections with people. He can provide a psychologically safe environment in which the executive can alter his or her own frame of reference and explore new ways of addressing challenges – be it navigating the ship in turbulent waters or leading a significant change initiative. I welcome Aniruddha to the coach fraternity with open arms."

R R Nair, Unilever HR Director (retd)

Independent Director and CEO Coach
"Business reviews are a key element in the success of any business. Aniruddha’s business reviews were of a high standard, combined with task-orientation, people-orientation, focusing on future and process-centric. He led GMR Group Human Resources with a great passion and lifted it to high level of strategic orientation, including formal job evaluation, flattening the Group organization structure. He was admired for his Vision, Knowledge and Wisdom. His ready laughter and sense of humour endeared him to many. He was a fine Brand Ambassador of GMR Group."

B V N Rao, Business Chairman – Urban Infrastructure & Transport and member of Group Holding Board

GMR Group
"Aniruddha cuts through the maze and haze to bring clarity to the core aspects which matter to an individual for lending a credible direction. He glides effortlessly with you lending comfort without compromising the goals of coaching interactions. I am pleased to have chosen Aniruddha when I needed to."

Akash Middya

ex-Global Vice President – Industry & Infrastructure, GE / Alstom, Massachusetts, USA
"I remember Aniruddha, as part of our top management, supporting me by leading some very challenging initiatives in the Energy vertical of GMR Group. He established enterprise risk management that helped in raising our quality of critical business decisions. He also led a large & complex task of organization re-design, development and manpower rationalization. On another occasion he led the difficult initiative of relocating our entire Energy Corporate from Bangalore to Delhi very smoothly, without business discontinuity. We relied on him for his thorough planning, mature leadership and efficient execution, always with the best interest of GMR at heart."

G B S Raju, Business Chairman – GMR Airports, GMR Varalakshmi Foundation and member of Group Holding Board

GMR Group
"I had the opportunity to be coached by Aniruddha while I was transitioning from corporate to being an entrepreneur. It was a sheer co-incidence that I was introduced to him and he helped me in the transition phase immensely. The coaching assignment helped me in fixing my goals and to put together a plan with clarity. This surely helped me on a great start. Aniruddha is vastly experienced, actively listens and asks the right questions that encourages you to think differently and reach a conclusion yourself. Through this I would sincerely thank the effort he put into making my journey fruitful."

Sindhu Subhashini

Talent Transformation Specialist, India
"Aniruddha, as a key member of our top management, showed his mature leadership in supporting me with the building of GMR Group’s new state-of-the-art centralized shared services centre in Hyderabad. As a next step, he took up the highly challenging work of ramping down and shutting down our existing Bangalore centre, ramping up our new Hyderabad centre, while maintaining 100% business continuity, and ensured operational stabilization of the Hyderabad centre. Aniruddha’s ability to think ahead, plan strategically, lead his team with human touch and execute with eye for detail, were admirable."

Kiran Kumar Grandhi, Corporate Chairman, Properties, Sports and member of Group Holding Board

GMR Group
"If you want to learn about leadership, you need to talk to Aniruddha. I have had more than 10 coaching sessions with Aniruddha in which we explored ways I can take my leadership skills to the next level. Being certified to perform various assessments, Aniruddha supported me with warmth, empathy and a very deep knowledge about emotional intelligence."

Wolfgang Liertz

Head of Digital Transformation at TRUMPF SEA Pacific, Singapore
"Aniruddha was a high performer while he represented the Values of GMR Group. He was instrumental in hiring a large majority of top talent in leadership positions. The patience and firmness that he brought to the talent review and succession planning for the entire top leadership team was a huge accomplishment. During his 10 years with GMR Group, he handled several challenging roles with tremendous maturity and contributed to a wide variety of mission-critical initiatives during these years as an institutional member."

Srinivas Bommidala, Business Chairman – International Airports, Information Technology and member of Group Holding Board

GMR Group
"Coming at a very opportune time of my career, my coaching with Mr Aniruddha Ganguly has helped me fully prepare for a higher role in my organization. I was not only able to identify the strength and weaknesses but work on them assiduously and measure the change. The subtle ways in which he was able to develop my potential was remarkable. The recognition that lasting change happens when I can bring about the change in my ‘being/feelings’ has been the biggest takeaway for me. "

Avanish Kumar Ph. D.

Director, Community Services Wing, GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, India
"My coaching sessions with Aniruddha are filled with learnings and insights. Anirudha navigated me to identify my strengths and understand how their shadows show up as a few weaknesses. He helped me develop a new perspective on Organizational Dynamics and conflict management. It has helped me believe in a new set of possibilities than before. I would recommend Aniruddha as an Executive Coach , if you are willing to explore new possibilities and take off your career."

Ramesh Sarabu

Sr. Manager, VMware, California, USA
"Aniruddha was an inspiration and role model to all of us. He was a high-flier in the company and at a young age headed three divisions i.e. Quality, Energy and Software successfully. He was a soft-spoken person with a charming smile which won the heart of every person he interacted with. Aniruddha was highly focused and organised. I was amazed by his logical thinking which helped him in putting his views across on any issue in a very simple, persuasive and articulate manner. Working with Aniruddha was a highly enriching experience."

Tarkeshwar Prasad Purohit

Consultant at Detecon International GMBH, Kuwait
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