Organizational design & development

Top quality organization design & development requires understanding the culture within, the stage of development of the enterprise, the strengths and weaknesses within and opportunities and threats outside. It requires focused attention, confidentiality, business wisdom, eye for detail, objectivity, often tough decisions and astute change management. It is both a science and an art.

Organizational Design

We study our client's business dynamics and culture and assess the firm’s organization design. Based on the assessment we provide the best suited alternatives of organization design and approach the to-be design through detailed discussion. We encourage clients to desist from person-centric design and embrace business-centric design, while remaining sensitive to the client’s unique characteristics and culture.

We help our clients in creating appropriate design of organization structure based on optimum spans & layers. We help our clients in ensuring that roles are placed in the right grades to ensure a fair process of role fitment.

Organizational Development

Each organization is at a specific stage of evolution. Its size, complexity, culture, psychology, behaviour and beliefs require continual refresh and renewal through past learning and future aspirations.

Organizational development is a continuous process of learning, knowledge management, feedback and feed forward.

We work with clients in reviewing and re-defining their Purpose, Vision, Values and People strategy based on their business context. We also help establish processes for organizational development.

Staffing Optimization & Productivity Improvement

Continual assessment of staffing and productivity is essential to remain competitive in a tough external environment.
Where appropriate, we examine work design, conduct job evaluation, do time and motion study and carry out benchmarking to assess effective utilization of staff and improve productivity.
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