Everyone can benefit from a competent coach. 

Aniruddha provides professional coaching in line with ICF (International Coach Federation) framework. He has several hundred hours of coaching experience with many clients in India and abroad. His Evidence Based Coaching (EBC) brings global best practices, coaching theories, psychometric assessments and coaching tools supported by highest ethical standards and confidentiality in a psychologically safe environment.

Aniruddha brings his enormous experience as a corporate leader, industry practitioner, HR head, his business leadership experience and his life experience in all his coaching.

Aniruddha has coached several people in India and abroad, women and men, old and young. He is equally effective and experienced in both face-to-face and virtual sessions.

Having led small and very large teams himself, Aniruddha understands team dynamics well and brings his rich experience and knowledge in effective team coaching.

Aniruddha's podcast - 'an interview with the world’s largest coach portal'

Leadership Coaching

Individual coaching is absolutely essential in leadership development.

The coaching process requires a 4-way structure of an organizational sponsor, the HR Head, the coachee and the coach playing their respective roles.

Aniruddha coaches CEOs / CXOs and CXO – 1 leaders for 3-months, 6-months, 12-months’ period with measurable progress.

In some cases, as a follow-through of individual leadership coaching, team coaching helps a leader and her / his team of direct reports to be more effective. Aniruddha conducts team coaching to ensure alignment, engagement and positive energy.

Transition Coaching

The world is changing at accelerated pace and personal transitions are becoming increasingly inevitable and frequent.

Inside or outside a corporate setting, individuals may require coaching to handle major transitions like retirement, setting off on a new responsibility, commencing a new career, stepping out of college and entering the corporate world, getting back to work after a break, empty nest, issues of ageing, recovering from an illness etc.

Aniruddha is highly experienced in transition coaching and helps a coachee to successfully navigate the transition.

Succession coaching

Where a leader is being anointed to step up into a larger role, it is essential to provide that person with a competent coach.

The coaching assignment requires a 4-way structure of an organizational sponsor, the HR Head, the coachee and the coach playing their respective roles.

Aniruddha has rich professional experience in succession planning & implementation and brings his coaching skills to help in successful succession over a period of 3-months, 6-months or 12-months with measurable progress.

Life coaching

A person may want greater satisfaction and happiness in his / her life, while overcoming personal problems like high stress at work, low self-esteem, low self-motivation, recovering from a major illness, low sense of self-worth, confusion with career choices, work – life integration challenge etc.

Aniruddha brings his life experience of over 6 decades as a very busy top professional, as a child to his parents, as a parent to his child, as a sibling, as a spouse, to coach a person to achieve greater physical and mental wellbeing.

Psychometric assessments

The key to the effectiveness of psychometric tools is the quality of debriefing and subsequent coaching.

Aniruddha is certified in using several psychometric assessment tools like Everything DiSC®, MBTI® and Social + Emotional Intelligence®. He is also familiar with Enneagram® and other tools. He has extensive experience in using these tools judiciously.
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