Business family governance

Business families operate in a complex environment where family members are expected to wear multiple hats – that of owner, family member and business head – which makes their life significantly challenging. Our approach is to help a business family remain united and happy over generations while their business prospers.

Interface of Family and Business

Owner family members who are involved in their family business are required to work smoothly with professional non-family members. The potential ambiguities between the respective turfs and ability to delegate are complex issues that we help in resolving through coaching, structures, policies and processes.

Succession planning and implementation

The ultimate test of a generative family is successful succession, which takes years. The process is required to be developmental, value-based and merit-based. It requires quality time of current family members; it requires their patience and perseverance. It requires that the next generation sees the family business as an attractive career option and a responsibility with accountability. We guide family firms in establishing policy, process and system to institutionalize succession planning.

Mentoring of next generation

Next generation is required to start their developmental journey very early to be successful leaders. It takes years to groom them. We coach the next generation to develop holistically with spiritual and physical wellbeing, human values, business skills, entrepreneurial skills and leadership qualities.

Family purpose, vision, values

Business families do not generally start with clear purpose, vision or values. As business grows and family grows, there is a need to find a glue to make them stick together. We help a business family to discover or create a Purpose to exist that is inspirational and motivating. From Purpose would flow Vision and Values.

Family governance and constitution

For a stable, fairly large, profitable business owned by a fairly large family of two generations or more, it is desirable to put an internal structure in place to handle ‘what if’ situations and clarity on potentially contentious issues. We help business families debate, discuss and agree on family charter, business charter, ownership charter and put in place other processes that can be documented and signed off by all the family members. We also help the family ‘walk the talk’ and help in periodic review and update.
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