Amitava Bose

Amitava Bose is consummate consultant with substantive expertise in Operations Excellence, Project Management of greenfield & brownfield ventures, implementing continuous improvement projects through BPR & Lean programs as well as developing new markets and promoting the growth of myriad businesses.

An accomplished senior executive Amitava has four decades of management experience from managing operations to driving new projects and initiatives.

Amitava also has significant competencies in Strategic Planning / Performance management and organizational development / Management of Change / Health, Safety and Environment management / managing organizational challenges with pan-Asia multi-unit multi-location business units. He has contemporary skills & competencies in excellent scoping and process determination, team augmentation and delivering as per promise.

An Engineer and a Cost Accountant, Amitava’s insight and focus on cost and profitability has helped him deliver turn-around of Units and Businesses.

Having served on the Board of two Indian entities of multinational companies Amitava brings a clear understanding of ethics and legal dimensions of business in any planned transformation.

He is culturally sensitive having worked for many years in ASEAN and MENA regions with colleagues across the Americas and UK in large Indian and trans-national organizations like Exide Industries, British Oxygen group, Fosroc International and General Cable Inc.

His experience covers diverse industries such as Chemicals / Light Engineering / Auto Ancillary / Electrical.

Amitava provides professional coaching in line with the ICF (International Coach Federation) framework, having been certified by an ACSTH Training program recognized by ICF. He supports individuals and teams to develop their potential to the fullest and bring about awareness in different aspects of their lives.
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