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Karin Bunnell

Ph. D. – Organization Development Consultant, Pleasanton, California, USA
Aniruddha possesses the most important skill a coach can have. He is a superb listener. We have all had the experience of speaking to someone and getting the strong sense that all they are doing is waiting to talk next. Aniruddha listened intensely in each of our sessions before reflecting back on what he had heard. Active listening is not easy, takes patience and focus. Aniruddha is well-versed in theory and tools to help his clients move quickly towards their goals. In Aniruddha, you will find a coach who is not only talented but incredibly kind.

John J McGowan

Ph. D. – Former Deputy Director for Science Management and Executive Officer at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and US Department of Health and Human Services, now Director at Guidehouse, a leading global provider of consulting services to the public and commercial markets, Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Aniruddha is a great coach. Using his coaching skills, he was able to help me obtain key insights into my situations that proved invaluable. He has a way to work with and helped me in my road to self-discovery. He also could bring in additional resources and tools to help me. I recommend him in the highest terms possible.

Akash Middya

Former Global Vice President, Industry and Infrastructure, Alstom Grid (now GE), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Aniruddha cuts through the maze and haze to bring clarity to the core aspects which matter to an individual for lending a credible direction. He glides effortlessly with you lending comfort without compromising the goals of coaching interactions. I am pleased to have chosen Aniruddha when I needed to.

Sindhu Subhashini

Founder SOL People Transformation and ICF Certified OD Coach, Bangalore, India
I had the opportunity to be coached by Aniruddha while I was transitioning from corporate to being an entrepreneur. It was a sheer co-incidence that I was introduced to him and he helped me in the transition phase immensely. The coaching assignment helped me in fixing my goals and to put together a plan with clarity. This surely helped me on a great start. Aniruddha is vastly experienced, actively listens and asks the right questions that encourages you to think differently and reach a conclusion yourself.

Wolfgang Liertz

Head of Product Management Fabrication Software at Trumpf, Munich, Germany
If you want to learn about leadership, you need to talk to Aniruddha. I have had more than 10 coaching sessions with Aniruddha in which we explored ways I can take my leadership skills to the next level. Being certified to perform various assessments, Aniruddha supported me with warmth, empathy and a very deep knowledge about emotional intelligence.

Avanish Kumar

Ph. D. – Director, Community Social Work, GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, Hyderabad, India 
Coming at a very opportune time of my career, my coaching with Mr Aniruddha Ganguly has helped me fully prepare for a higher role in my organization. I was not only able to identify the strength and weaknesses but work on them assiduously and measure the change. The subtle ways in which he was able to develop my potential was remarkable. The recognition that lasting change happens when I can bring about the change in my ‘being/feelings’ has been the biggest takeaway for me.

Sandeep Mahajan

General Manager (Production), Paradip Refinery, Indian Oil, Paradip, Odisha, India
I had the opportunity to be coached by Sh. Aniruddha while I was transitioning from middle management to senior management. I embarked on a journey to enhance my management skills and I could not have found a more valuable guide than Sh. Aniruddha. His deep knowledge of management principles combined with unique ability to understand my areas of improvement in very short time was incredible. I have gained a better understanding of effective team management, time management (delegation & robust feedback) and decision making. Aniruddha is highly experienced, cool headed, keenly listens and mentors in right way. I am now more confident in my role, and I owe much of that to Sh. Aniruddha.

Vinod Narayanan

Chief General Manager (Projects), Refineries Head Quarter, Indian Oil, New Delhi, India
“One of my projects is moving towards completion and the stage is set for the last burst of speed. Taking numerous stake holders along, many with own interests, and aligning them constantly to the common goal is something that I am engaged with. The behavioral competencies that I have picked up from the coaching by Mr. Aniruddha is really helping me. Being firm, unequivocal while not losing my cool, following up on myriad issues through my team while keeping them motivated, bridging trust issues and many such more.... Slowly I think I am moving away from being a core technical person, and now I think in due course I will start liking it!

Suresh Nambiar

Chief General Manager (Strategic Information Systems), Refineries Head Quarter, Indian Oil, New Delhi, India
I had the honor of being mentored by Mr. Aniruddha Ganguly through the ‘Saarathy one-on-one coaching course’, and it proved to be a profoundly transformative journey. Aniruddha possesses an extraordinary gift for deep listening, absorbing every word before offering invaluable insights. This rare talent, combined with his extensive knowledge of theory and tools, enables his clients to make swift progress toward their objectives. His accommodating, wise, and modest demeanor illuminates his capabilities, making him highly approachable. Aniruddha’s coaching transcended the surface, delving into the realms of ‘being’ and ‘emotions,’ leaving an enduring impact on both my personal and professional development. He is undeniably a genuine Saarathy for anyone in the corporate Gurukul

Consulting Practice

A young business head (owner family member) has taken the bull by the horn. He is transforming his 30-year family firm into a professional, role-based, high-performing organization. His vision, determination, perseverance, and hard work are paying off splendidly. Please hear his inspiring story directly from him.

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