Mentoring of start-ups

Start-ups are the engines of business breakthroughs and market transformation. While some of them grow successfully to become unicorns there is high infant mortality rate which is not much reported. We help start-ups survive and successfully scale up.

Coaching the Founders

A founder is typically very energetic, highly driven by her / his dream, absorbed in every aspect of growing the business, involved in the business round the clock and does not want to be proven wrong. However, this person needs someone who can identify skill gaps in the founder or self-sabotaging behavioral issues and address them before they become debilitating. We coach founders to develop top-class leadership skills that would benefit all critical stakeholders and as a result, provide the essential ingredient for the start-up to survive and grow.

Strengthening Institutional Processes

Strengthening institutional processes like people management, financial controls, audit & assurance, spend management, sourcing management, organization design & development etc. are essential for a start-up to scale up. We assist start-ups to put in place basic business processes for them to manage their costs, manage their quality, manage their people and manage their reputation.
Your success is our priority
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