Leadership development & succession planning

The single most important success factor of an organization is the quality of its leadership. Leaders are not born. They are carefully groomed to succeed and there is a method in doing that well. Talent refresh at leadership level is also important to retain youthful energy in the organization.

Leadership Development

We help firms with the framework that would suit the client needs. We evaluate client’s leadership inventory, talent risk, leadership assessment and development needs in consonance with the values of the firm and future business outlook. We also work with the client on implementing medium- and long-term programs for sustaining the leadership development process with methodologies for time bound and measurable outcomes.

Leadership Succession

We help firms plan for and create a robust process for leadership succession that addresses needs of talent refresh and risk mitigation. We assist our clients in creating a vibrant environment for internal talent mobility.

We also design career framework (role succession) to provide visibility on career progression to key talent to enhance motivational energy in the organisation.
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