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Everyone can benefit from a competent coach. Everyone needs a coach. We provide professional coaching services in line with ICF (International Coach Federation) framework. Our Evidence Based Coaching (EBC) brings global best practices, coaching theories, psychometric assessments and coaching tools. It is hinged on measurable outcomes supported by highest ethical standards and confidentiality.
Leadership coaching – The clients are firms whose CXOs and CXO – 1 leaders are coached for 3-months, 6-months, 12-months.
Life coaching – The clients are individuals who want greater satisfaction and happiness in their lives, while overcoming personal problems like problematic relationship issues, high stress at work, low self-esteem, low self-motivation, low sense of self-worth etc.
Transition coaching – The clients are individuals who are faced with major transitions like retirement, setting off on a new responsibility, commencing a new career, stepping out of college and entering the corporate world, stepping into married life etc.
Succession coaching – The clients are firms, where leaders are being anointed to step up into larger roles.
Psychometric assessments – We are certified in using several psychometric assessment tools like Everything DiSC®, MBTI® and Social + Emotional Intelligence®. We are also familiar with Enneagram® and other tools. The key to the use of these tools is the quality of debriefing and subsequent coaching, which we provide.

Organization design & development

Every organization must continually renew itself to stay ahead of the curve. We view every organization as unique. The uniqueness coming from their history, their culture, their values, their purpose, their vision & mission. We believe, therefore, what would suit a specific firm is specific to that firm, while applying the general principles of organization design & development.
Organization design – We study our client firm’s business dynamics and culture and assess the firm’s organization design. Based on the assessment we provide the best suited alternatives of organization design and approach the to-be design through detailed discussion. We encourage clients to desist from person-centric design and embrace business-centric design, while remaining sensitive to the client’s unique characteristics and culture.
Staffing optimization & productivity improvement – We help firms to be come lean. In this process firms can reduce fixed cost and become more agile and effective.

Leadership development & succession planning

The single most important success factor of an organization is the quality of leadership. Leaders are not born, they are carefully groomed to succeed and there is a method in doing that well. Talent refresh at leadership level is also important just as the management needs to avoid leadership vacuum in case of unexpected development.
Leadership development – We help firms with the framework that would suit the client needs. We follow this up with instruments to evaluate client’s leadership inventory, talent risk, leadership assessment and development needs in consonance with the values of the firm and future business outlook. We also work with the client firm on implementing medium and long term programs for sustaining the leadership development process with methodologies for time bound and measurable outcomes.
Leadership succession – We help firms plan for and create a robust process for leadership succession that addresses needs of talent refresh and risk mitigation. We assist our client firms to create a vibrant environment for internal talent mobility.

Business Family governance advisory

Business families are the dominant force in the corporate world globally. Several studies have revealed that Family owned or managed businesses outperform non-Family managed businesses. Business families operate in a complex environment where family members are expected to wear multiple hats – that of owner, family member and business head – which makes their life significantly challenging. In India. In India we work with a partner and outside India, we work independently. Our approach is to help a business family remain united and happy over generations while their business prospers.
Interface of Family and Business
Establishing Family Council and Business Council
Succession planning and implementation
Family purpose, vision, values
Mentoring of next generation
Family governance and constitution

Business Process Consulting

There are several areas of a business that may require external expertise to bring transformation. We provide consultancy services to improve business processes and systems in various functions through the comprehensive Malcolm Baldridge Business Excellence Model, 5S techniques, Six Sigma techniques, Value Stream Mapping techniques and many more.
Enterprise risk management processes
Procurement processes
Strategic planning and business review processes for strategy implementation
Audit & Assurance processes
Human Resource processes
Finance & Accounts processes

Mentoring of start-ups

Start-ups are the engines of business breakthroughs and market transformation. While some of them grow successfully to become unicorns there is high infant mortality rate which is not much reported. We help start-ups to survive and successfully scale up by supporting them in the following areas:
Coaching the founders in leadership skills
Strengthening institutional processes like spend management, sourcing management, organization design & development, people management etc.
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