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Published: September 8, 2021
Author: Aniruddha Ganguly

Our ageing world needs retirement coaches

The other day I was chatting with an old friend from my school days. He was working in an MNC in a senior role and had retired on completing 60. He has no clue how he wants to spend the rest of his life, even after 2 years into retirement. He is depressed thinking he is suddenly a nobody!

Enhanced financial wellbeing, better healthcare, better nutrition, and greater health consciousness, have driven life expectancy in India to 70 now! Among financially well-off, it is much higher. Though people are categorized as ‘senior citizens’ post-60, most of the 60+ people around me are pretty fit. That’s good news! But that also opens up a long life ahead when many people are surviving till 85 – 90. Sportsmen and people in some other professions retire much earlier and stare at a much longer life ahead! This is a global phenomenon of an ageing world.

Planning for post-retirement life is not always simple. It goes far beyond financial planning. What seems obvious may not be something that is sustainable or fulfilling. What you thought life would be after retirement may not turn out to be so. Family and social relationships take new forms. Psychological impact can be significant. New challenges crop up. New opportunities prop up.

When I was making up my mind to hang up my boots I reached out to people wiser than me. Several rounds of intense coaching conversations with them helped me sort out my thoughts and actions.

A few months back I coached a top executive as he was toying with the idea of retirement. It was amazing to peel the onion for him to discover his deep personal values and who he wanted to be. Retirement coaching is a special skill. Organizations must engage retirement coaches to help executives with their life transitions.

It is not always simple to figure things out on your own about this major transition in your life. Retirement coaching will help you chart out your life in a holistic manner.
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Aniruddha is founder of EuMatter Consulting and brings 40+ years of professional experience and 62+ years of life experience in his consulting practice. His experience of heading human resource management function in a large corporation of over 10,000 employees, and multi-cultural sensitivity, having worked with colleagues from Asia, Europe and North America, makes him uniquely result-oriented and effective.

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