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Published: May 18, 2021
Author: Aniruddha Ganguly

Never Again

Think about it this way! The current pandemic is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

It is exposing vulnerabilities in almost every aspect of human civilization, many of them, the result of long-term neglect.

An individual is waking up to the fact that his health is not as sound as he assumed it was! The sole bread earner has died, and the family’s financial vulnerability is suddenly exposed! An organization that paid little attention to fixed costs, finds itself in a difficult spot due to a nose-dive of revenue. The Pharma sector has been driven by commercial interest and so it is now difficult to shift from global competition to global cooperation. Lack of discipline in civil society has been an age-old phenomenon. Should we be surprised now that people are not following Covid protocol in public space? A local municipality is unable to get its act together, due to the low level of professionalization that we all know, has existed for a long time. A government is drawing public ire because it was never good in governance and the pandemic has exposed that, like no other. Under-investment in public healthcare by successive governments for many past decades has exposed us to all its weaknesses now, due to this pandemic.

Despite historical shortcomings, it is admirable that so many individuals, families, communities, organizations, municipalities, and governments are fighting a heroic battle against Covid.

In all this, it is essential for all of us to honestly examine our vulnerabilities – at every level, from an individual to our global community.

Businesses, particularly, must empower and strengthen their risk management function and their disaster recovery & business continuity capabilities. Corporate Boards must honestly re-examine the effectiveness of their risk committees and take appropriate improvement action. Governments must institutionalize risk forecasting & risk management capabilities.

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When this pandemic recedes (and it will, soon) it must not be remembered only as a calamity but also as a wake-up call to plan and implement actions in the spirit of ‘never again’!

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